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Jacquard modules parts
Iron hook parts also called motion hook, steel hook, mobile hook, iron hook of jacquard module. 
Jacquard parts motion hook widely used in textile machinery, suitable for Jacquard looms application machines.
2) Jacquard Pulley:
Jacquard spare parts pulley
Jacquard Pulley for M4, M5, M6, With bearing or not, Fast Connector or Normal connector, normal length or longer line model. 
China Best Machined Co., ltd produce jacquard spare parts professionally with durable quality, used in weaving machines. 
Jacquard spare parts Jacquard Module M4/M5 for steady construction and durable operations.
M4/M5 Jacquard Module with or without bearing with good quality, applicated for jacquard machine and carpet machine and other weaving machines. OEM, ODM and Customized available. 
jacquard parts motion steel hook
Electronic Jacquard spare parts all with fine finish, durable quality, reasonable prices and good delivery time, We sold well to domestic jacquard machine and abroad. 
Any demand of jacquard spare parts please kindly feel free contact with us, Professionally service hopefully will get your satisfaction.